Final Reflection

Looking back at where I was at the beginning of the semester to where I am now regarding my research topic and research question, I can say that a lot hasn’t changed. I knew from the beginning that Hollywood and the film industry had a long way when it came to diversity, I just wasn’t aware how big this problem is. My original research question was “is behind the scenes diversity as important as On-screen diversity?” I choose this research question because it tackled an aspect of the industry that I wanted to be a part of someday. I could’ve chosen an “easier” topic to research such as the lack of diversity on-screen or diversity, but the thing is, I wanted to research a part of an industry I wanted to be a part of. I wanted to be a director, producer, or writer and I thought that researching this specific part of the film industry would have shown me whether or not I could’ve made it. But at the end of the day, I thought to myself how hard is it to research a topic about movies? Especially the people who make these movies, that’s easy enough right?

I was wrong.

It seems as though this part of the film industry was more niche than I thought. It seemed that for every 5 sources I would find about the lack of diversity on-screen, I would find maybe 1. Because of this, I constantly had to change a lot of my search words. I often used keywords such as “White director” or “White producers” as a way to broaden my search which helped out a lot. The thing that I mainly struggled with was finding opposing points to this argument. Because a majority of people support more diversity in the film industry in general, finding opposing viewpoints is hard already, but because I was researching a part of the industry where no one seemed to care, that made looking for these sources extremely difficult. I relied mainly on Gale Opposing Viewpoints for these types of sources.

I think the transition from blog posts to the final essay was harder than I initially expected. Because I had so much information from all this time spent researching, I simply didn’t know where to start. I even had trouble writing the introductory paragraph because I wasn’t sure which part of the research to include write away and which part of the research to save till the end body paragraphs. The transition from blog posts to the final essay became easier when I did the outline as it allowed me to be more prepared and organized.

Before I took English 216 my writing was generic and boring. But after taking this class, I would say that my writing is anything but that. This class helped me find my voice and my style and has made writing essays and papers much more tolerable. As a reader and thinker, this class really helped me view things differently. Through revisions and feedback, this class helped me understand why certain things in writing don’t work and why writing things another way is better. Moving forward, I will try to do more revisions and listen to more peer reviews as these were all things that elevated my writing for the better

My final essay can be read here.



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